Why Do You Want to Work in Asset Management?

6 min readJan 18, 2022

What is asset management?

  • The goal of asset management is to maximize the value of an investment portfolio over time while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.
  • Asset management as a service is offered by financial institutions catering to high net-worth individuals, government entities, corporations, and institutional investors like colleges and pension funds.
  • Asset managers have fiduciary responsibilities. They make decisions on behalf of their clients and are required to do so in good faith.

Types of Asset Management

Asset management is a very broad type of management, and this is something that is very crucial to understand, especially when talking about asset management careers.

As a result, it includes different industries and disciplines, as you can see below:

Financial asset management

This is the classic type, which we often simply refer to as asset management. As noted above in length, it involves managing investment accounts as well as hedge funds for clients.




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