Sailing on the Aegean Sea

1 min readApr 15, 2023

Sailing on the Aegean Sea

Where Achilles and 100,000 Acheans advanced Troy-ward

Where sailors succumbed to the Siren’s seductive song

Where the Minoans carried Egyptian art Crete­ bound

And the Mycenaeans first conjured forth the Gods

Through the straits of Greece and Salamis

Where the Athenian fleet crushed the Persians into the rocks

Where Alexander the Great waged war against them and won

Where Aristotle’s teachings spread across the ancient world

And the Roman Empire rose to conquer the Seven Seas

Past the mountain shrines of Samothrace

Where the Apostle Paul dwelled on his mission to God

Where the Ottomans battled the Byzantines for the waters

Where the Venetians traded Chioggian salts for spices from India

And the Greeks surged against the Turks for their freedom

Where fishing dinghies scoop nets full for squirming fish

Where music drifted across the waves

Where laughing tourists posed for pictures over the empty ruins

And you lie on your ship, sailing on the Aegean Sea

Gazing at the past and present




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