Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Plans to Go Back to School?

3 min readJan 31, 2022

Why Managers Ask This Question

Employers often ask applicants about their plans for the future. While most people see improving one’s education as a positive trait, it also suggests the job candidate might not expect to stay with the company.

A question like, “Are you planning to continue your studies?” helps companies determine how much time they are willing to spend training a person who could eventually leave.

How to Answer

When an interviewer asks whether you want to go back to school, it’s important to show them that you are worth their time and money.

If your continued education could benefit the company, explain how.

Demonstrating your knowledge is an excellent way to stand out above other applicants.

Also, be ready to discuss possible concerns over scheduling conflicts and have a solution prepared.

What to Avoid Mentioning

Don’t tell employers you plan to leave the job as soon as you start school again.

If the hiring manager asks about how you will handle your schedule, refrain from sounding uncertain.

Instead, highlight your ability to stay organized and balance responsibilities.

Also, don’t lie about being in school or your plans to go back since continuing your education is not a bad trait.

Tips for Answering “Do You Have Any Plans for Continued Education?”

If an interviewer asks, “Are you planning to continue your studies?” you should prepare your answer ahead of time.

You want the hiring manager to appreciate your choice to continue your education or to put it on hold to acquire experience in the field.

These tips can help you craft an effective response that keeps the employer interested:

  • If your studies relate to the job, talk about how continuing your education will help develop your skills for that position.
  • Explain how furthering your education is part of your




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