Emma Watson spreads Covid-19 around the world

2 min readFeb 3

I have found her particularly problematic and toxic as she preaches about staying at home per UK guidelines ( per a now-deleted Instagram post) but she has been on numerous vacations since. Her team even reached out to the Daily Mail and posted bikini shots of her on holiday in Italy before taking it down after commenters (rightly) called her out. She was recently caught on camera with her boyfriend Leo in Mexico. She was also seen without a mask in London ‘shopping’ or rather promoting lingerie.

The reason why you should call Emma Watson out is that she pretends to be respectful of the UK guidelines but acts the direct opposite. She praises the NHS in ‘Dear NHS’ (Dear NHS by Various | Hachette UK) but she evaded her taxes via the Panama Papers, which financially hurts the NHS and she goes on vacations during Covid-19, which spreads the virus and could potentially make more people contract Covid-19. She says via Instagram she stays at home for her grandma but she has been on numerous vacations without a mask.


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